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Benjamin Bradley
Gaia Host Collective LLC
Noemi Giszpenc
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Steve Strimer
Collective Copies
Larry Snell
Cooperation Works!
Innosanto Nagara
Design Action Collective
John Abrams
South Mountain Co.
Nadia Khastagir
Design Action Collective, 1st Rochdale Coordinating Council of Cooperatives
Jen Gallant
Collective Copies
Mariposa Co-op
Tim Huet
Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives
Audrey Malan
Cooperation Works!
Gordon Edgar
Rainbow Grocery Co-Op
Lynda Brushett
Cooperative Development Institute, Niche Marketing Barrington, NH 03825,
Kasper Koczab
Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives
Adria Scharf
Dollars & Sense